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Here you will be able to find the step by step of Vibrant app & transform yourself into a highly skilled Vibrant user. 

Downloading the app

The first step after completing your onboarding & making sure your device is compatible with NFC technology is downloading our two apps that will allow you to accept transactions through your smartphone. 

Main app: Vibrant's main app is where all your transactions and daily activities will take place at. 

Pin app: The pin app is the supportive application that will be essential to secure your high amount transactions (Above 350 Danish Kroners)  & authenticity cards that have exceeded the no-pin transaction limit.

It's essential that you download both applications before start using the Vibrant app. If you would like to read more about the two apps' functionality follow the link below. 

Pin App Walkthrough

Login information

Once you complete your onboarding you will receive your login information from which you only need to fill in the app once as the app will keep you logged in the future. 

Your login information consists of: 

1. Merchant ID 

2. Terminal ID 

3. Activation code 

Please note, if you have multiple terminals connected to your company, the Terminal ID will be different for each device you are connecting. 

Making transactions 

Once the applications are installed, make sure to activate the NFC option on the settings of your device 

1. Open phone Settings.

2. Type NFC on the search bar. 

3. Switch NFC function on. 

If you couldn't find the NFC option on your setting please make sure if your device is compatible with the technology. You can find the different devices that are NFC capable on our NFC Trainer page. 

NFC Trainer 

Once you are inside the app & the NFC function is turned on in your device, it's time to explore the app & start making transactions. Watch the video below to see our full walkthrough tutorial. 

Sending receipts 

The app provides you with different digital receipts that you can send to your customers after each transaction. 

1- On your screen - This version shows the receipt on your device from which they can take a picture. 

2- Email - where your customer will be able to enter their email address and receive the receipt through their inbox. 

3- SMS - Where your customer is required to enter their phone number (including the country's code) and receive the receipt through message. 

4- QR CODE - Which they can scan with their camera and have the receipt prompt up on their device. 

Tip Function 

Vibrant app enables you to use a tip function where your customers are able to add a tip together with their transactions. The tip function is completely optional, here is how to activate or deactivate the function. 

1. Open app settings 

2. Activate tip function 

Once the option is activated, and a transaction is being completed, the tip screen will prompt and allow your customer to add a pre-assigned percentage to tip you from the total amount of the transaction, personalize the percentage they would like to add, or choose to not provide any tip through the transaction. 

Void & Refund

A void is a transaction that has been confirmed and approved but the transfer of funds is still pending. 

A refund occurs when the funds have already been transferred to the business. Both options return the customer funds to their account. 

All your transactions will appear in the Void section automatically after the transaction has been made, and will stay visible on the void tab only on the day the transaction took place. On the following day after the transaction took place, it can be found in the refund tap of your app.

If you would like to learn more about refunds, please read our article on the topic. 

How to complete a refund

When searching for a specific transaction on your Void or Refund section, you can type the following on the search bar: 

1. Date & Time the transaction took place.

2. Ammount of the transaction.

3. The last 4 digits of the payment card used for the transaction.

Now you know the main features of the app, make sure to complete a few test transactions before taking the terminal to your customers, once you feel comfortable with placing cards on the right spot of your phone, you will be better at guiding your customers on how to make successful transactions at your shop. 

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